I'm to leave now

Written by: Ali Alnobani

By: Ali Taha Alnobani 

I'm to leave now
A tall ghost is carrying my bag
A long street is walking behind me
A mad merchant bought my smiles
And no water to renew the dusk
I can't have my step begun 
Even if the rain washed my tears
I'm to leave now
Can I have a deep look at your eyes?
Can I take my dreams, your smile 
And my dried red rose?
Can I keep your image in my mind?
I'm to leave now
The hungry clouds and the angry trees
Scanned my face with a magic brush
To find the sleepy nice angel
But the narrow path through the forest
Had had fun alone
When I walk away
I'll pray to god for you to be happy
I'll collect wild flowers
And hold them around your picture
I will watch the river 
May be a bit of his sails 
Bring me your compassionate voice
It is not necessary to be together
If gardens want to paint your picture alone
If clouds like to rain for you alone
But forgive me
Beads of rain could be mixed with my tears

It is not necessary to be together
If the day needs something
And the night needs an other
If a baby comes to have life
And does not find a mother
 Do you remember
When I told you the story of crazy traveler
Who made a sail of his sweetheart dress 
And a prayer of her words
And sang in all languages of the world
Then gods blessed him
That was the prophecy
I've seen in your eyes
It is not necessary to be together
I can see you wherever I go
I can hear your voice in the storm
And in the calm evening