Number Zero.

Written by: Andrey Fisht

I'm number zero
With no wish to fly,
I'm no more hero,
War has stopped my flight.
Watch black crow above,
Don't please hurry up,
From the hell with love
I wanna say "Good bye!"
Tell as I was killed,
As we faught till death,
She's been waiting still,
I can feel her breath.
Come to me,my black friend,
Take my cross for her,
I've been thinking till the end,
She's my love among the stir.
Tell her,crow,she is free,
I remember all the days,
I've broken promise-live
With her brightest loving rays.
But don't blame me,
Please,don't blame me,
I had luck in life but few,
I will always,swear always,
I will always be with you.
I'm number zero now,
I'm ready for my flight,
Listen up,my dear crow,
I need no more to fight.
And remember,I will always,
I will love you evertime,
I will hear all your prays,
I'll be your Valentine.