Thanks Giving

Written by: Vicki Acquah

                                                   THANKS GIVING
     Walking backward Ill prepared I face things head on, but not the bitter wind. I turn my 
back as I face my goodbyes , walking away I wave to my old problems: With a snarling 
bite,the cold wind leaves me pierced and belittle.     
      Walking backwards I dare not face whats in store for me. Until this wind subsides and 
treats me fairly, I will walk backwards slowly less I stumble.  After my bones are chilled to 
the core. I reach my abode, devastated and delighted, the fireplace lit and flickering.  Still 
afraid I wonder "what if" and I blame God,discounting the rescues; Then with every melting 
bone and every thawing toe, I thank him/her, then realizing how awesome man is and how 
far we have come. Annoyed I say begrudgingly "Thank you God " for this fire,and for 
bringing us out of the cold wilderness. I say this hoping not to entertain the "What If's" again.
      Forces, forcing me to open my eyes and realize that at any moment I could walk 
backwards again, backward in the cold with nowhere to run, without relief; I can't think of 
anything worse. So how can I or anyone come out of the cold ,and sit by the fire, while the 
frost filled Ohio wind rolls off the Erie lake. Passing desperate people I want to collect them to 
come and sit by the fire with me. I must love my neighbor,and share the warmth,the 
fire ,the food,my home.   In the old days we could, I cant live like this,,,,sitting a by the fire 
alone,  I think to my self "What If".