Without You

Written by: Mohammad Taha Effendi

"Without You" By M. Taha Effendi (Ballad) Every day without her I spend crying, praying there's always a smile on her face. i'm tired of hiding from her that i'm lying, i'm tired of hiding that i'm losing my grace. She called me last night to ask if i'm well. I lied,"i have a girlfriend now... I'm alright." she's unaware, actually i'm going through hell, for i still dream about her every single night. I still walk the streets alone, she doesn't know, every night i think of her with someone else. With every tear i shed, my love will only grow, can't she see that when i lost her, i really fell? but I'll never let her know that i'm hurt, I'll hide my face from her whenever i frown. and I'll fake a smile when it hurts me the most, because I don't want to cast her down. I'll tell her only what she wants to hear, just so that she won't feel so bad. I'll pretend to her that I do not care, because I don't want to make her sad. Every day without you I spend crying, but I still pray there's a smile on your face. and in my heart I sure feel like dying, because your memories I just cant erase. You'll hear from me everything that you need, just so that you won't feel so bad. I'll pretend to you that I do not bleed, because I dont want to make you sad.