over you

Written by: katie livingston

i dont know what happened
i dont know where to start
i thought that you wouldnt hurt me
now look at the bruises and scars
what do you have to say?
just as i thought
you never say anything after hitting me
you just sit there and look at me
maybe ive done something wrong?
that couldnt be
i havent said or done anything...
of course you'll make up lies
maybe have a beer
then here it comes
again and again
until i lay broken and bleeding
this is where i say goodbye
...that was four years ago
and im happy with some one new
i think i might love him
i think he loves me too
and you are still there...
in the back of my mind
and i think that if you had really loved me
you wouldnt have done what you did
but thats too late now...
you arent allowed back here
im done with your abuse
im over you