Cotton Candy at the Carousel

Written by: Shannon ChemicalEyes

The moonlight beamed on our whitened teeth as we wrote our names in the methylone stars,
Raspberry pixels leaked out of our cheeks as we covered our lungs in black velvet tar.
The wind blew your hair into an endless twirl as we dissolved our tonsil's confectionery swirl,
Red liquorice gloss dropped from your lips as the lime citronella cracked us like whips.

Analogies blend in the amethyst air as we painted our nerves with azure and cerise,
Rainbows fell from a digital sky as we glared at the sun with kaleidoscope eyes.
We poured all our closets into canals, we fed fake horses inside carousels,
We wolfed down our thoughts with our knives and our forks and washed it all down with 

Circles and squares drift out of your mouth as I turn to a voiceless skeleton,
Fingernails ran from my candy-coat smile as i breathe beside hollow mannequins.
Horizons slid from out of our sleeves, we're pasting sunsets behind forest trees,
We've cut down the curtains, we've locked all the doors, and now it's time to swallow the keys.