It’s A Tiny Universe

Written by: Albert A. Olofinnika

It’s a small world you know?
Maybe you once had some friends or folk
That you could have helped or saved; but didn’t,
Thinking you’d have another chance someday,
But sooner or later, they were gone,
It’s a tiny universe.

Sometimes; might want to do a soul some harm,
Thinking you two never will see again,
But you might want to give a second thought,
Because you never can tell friend,
Someday, somewhere, you might just run into him,
It’s a tiny universe.

What if sometimes you stand afar?
Wanting to throw a stone into the marketplace,
Never allow your emotion to overwhelm,
For you never can tell its destination,
Don’t you think it could strike a kin?
It’s a tiny universe.

Sometimes, the deed of kindness done,
And the heart of love shown
Do come back in manifolds from that man,
And most times from ones you never knew,
Of a truth it pays to act right and be good,
It’s a tiny universe.