And I Lingered There

Written by: Jessica Arteaga

And I lingered there...
felt the breeze; such rush of air
and I couldn't feel the need to care
just my hands in wading; no despair
as my head fell to the ground
and new strangers had gathered 'round
I couldn't smile or feel a sound
my eyes felt wide but shutting down
and with bright light fading to hymn
I felt my soul go up; no sin
and with no thoughts to hush my skies
I pondered how, a why; to cry
but then, last touch had cave me in
for I saw her, hands so cringed
and then I wanted to stay more
how I love her...such adore
and with my eyes closing so slow
and with my mouth wanting word: go
I had to leave my heart for last
cause with my body she'll have to pass...
And I lingered there.