Rumors of War

Written by: Stacy Stiles

Malfeasant, mangled, memories
ruthless, regretful, remedies.
Vanishing, victoriously in vain,
Whispering, wandering wane.

Brazenly, broken, betrayal.
Pompous, patriotic portrayal.
Diminishing, disabled I dive,
Astronomically, ailing alive.

Teetering, tenaciously taunt,
hallucinations, honorably haunt.
Painfully, preserving, its past,
Callously, crafting the cast.

Traumatically, teasing truths,
Yearning, yesterday’s youths. 
Selfishly, stealing, thy soul,
Craving, courageous control.

Immobile, insufferably idle,
Suffering senses, suicidal.
Admiring, ancestors adore.
whispering rumors of war.

Beaten, blackishly, bound,
flustered faces I’ve found.
Fearlessly, frozen fabled,
defeating dose, disabled.