Children From Another World

Written by: Charles Melody Lightning Ink

Only but voices, i can not see their faces.
They laugh and recite verses,
Reaching me slowly in this lonely oasis.
I can hear the sound of the beak of their feathers,
Their cloudy whiteness, 
Living me in awesome wonders, mellowing me
Like servants to masters.
Oh! what caused this cloudy matters...?
Again, i hear voices without the trace of faces
In the starry night,
Trying to see my joy, ignite,
To make sure am so elegant.
I can hear them call my name,
Announcing the coming fame,
That can never be lame,
No denials by time....
Children from another world,
See them strolling around in the air,
One here... one there.. crystal 
Babies all around, i know they come from where 
My soul one day will go.