My Career

Written by: marymkilker marymkilker

My career is of the word in which I think.
My goal is that of which I seek.
For this time until forever, no man will come in between me and my endeavor.
For the unspoken is that of which will unravel on this page full of ink.
I have done all that I could, and lost as I see.
Never again will I do for others without taking care of me.
Putting all aside for the dream, I will go.
To look back at the path, and those faces I have known.
For each step, that I take becomes a brick of path that is laid down as my future.
And those of whom I have left behind I hope they will follow for their own piece of mind.
Life is of a very big race, and a career is that of which we all must face.
Born to be something is our human race.

Copyright@3/2010 marymmcshirley/kilker