Written by: katie livingston

She turned to see the look in his eyes
Then bowed her head and turned to cry
For she knew in her heart he would never truly forgive her
Her feelings could not be put into words
All she felt was the urge to die
But there she stood and wondered why
Why she hurt him….why today?
but could she make it through another day
She had never had a feeling so strong
But then her friends proved her wrong
They reminded her of all the guys
Who in the years before had made her cry
But she had so easily got over them
So why couldn't she get over him
Was it his smile, his everlasting gaze
That made her heart become ablaze
As the weeks slowly passed
Another guy's heart she had grasped
But she did not feel the same way
And the phrase 'I love you' seemed so cliché'
So she never said it back
And her love for him he forever lacked
So in this circle that never ends
A new door opens, a passion begins