A Morning Prayer

Written by: David Pennington

Good morning Lord. Just want to thank you for the all you have given me. Don't know what I 
would do without them. I pray that you will have patience with me today. I know that I can 
be a pain in the you know what. So I figured that I would ask, just in case I slip today, Jesus 
for you to forgive me. I know you already have, but I will try not to make that mistake this 

 I love to say your name, Jesus. It has such a loving and compassionate sound. Everyone 
should say it several times a day. I give to you all that I have Lord, Master of the Universe 
and maker of all there has been, all that there is now and all that ever will be. Glorious 
Savior. May your light shine brightly in the lives your creatures on the Earth so that all may 
give you praise. May your grace and love reach to all corners of the Universe.