Missy Lou

Written by: Sena Slaughter

When we found you at the pound,
your eyes showed your despair,
all the others jumped around,
but not you, you just laid there.

dull chocolate coat, and painfully skinny,
you didn't even lift your head,
I watched you sadly, just a pup,
yet you seemed so grown up.

Half Lab, half Whippet, who could imagine such a dog,
we brought you home,lean and scared,
but soon to us your soul you bared,
your antics always make us all laugh, 
you've long forgotten your dreadful past.

Your so full of life and vigor,
so very different than what we imagined,
our lives will never be the same,
you came and livened up our game.

Thank you Missy Lou, for being in our life,
soon you will be two, and we sure do love you,
you make our day brighter than sunshine,
and at night, when your day's play is done,
all your toys are put away.

By my side you lay, sleeping so gently, 
as I stroke your silky coat,
sometimes you open a honey colored eye,
and look up at me contented, and then give out a little sigh.

Dedicated to our wonderful dog Missy Lou
who we adopted from the local animal shelter
in March, 2009. She didn't turn out to be what we
thought we wanted, but she turned out to be just
what we needed in our life. She is truly a ball of energy!
We love her!