The Immoral Beauty

Written by: Charles Melody Lightning Ink

Night falls, and she stood up quickly,
Brushed up swiftly, arranged her
Hair briefly yet attracted, for her 
Beauty, and smooth face like the 
Surface of her chest... 
She walked to the door slowly,
Turned gently, and stirs at herself subtly 
From head to toe, then to her mirror 
Which she earlier disdained.
Her hand bag contained
Preservatives protecting her horror,
Midnight she is a terror,
Daylight, an innocent beauty,
If you see her you will want her
As your lady, to make you matrimonially busy,
And happy.
But, try her and see, you will
Have yourself to blame after burning you up like flame, 
Guys in new york calls her BEACH,
After they tried, but her
Heart they never REACH.
Wall street barons see her and flee, for she stings like a bee,
And her deception, they never 
Want to see.
Las Vegas Cassino is also her prey,
To most night lovers, her tentacles 
She spray.
If she smile you will think she is shy,
If she talks, you hear a nightingale,
But when you look into her profile,
You will find out she is filthy and guilty,
She is the immoral beauty...