let there be light

Written by: alisa cook

i come in here to read your poems
too smile when i'm feeling so down  / each peom i read 
feel's my mine with ease and sometime's disbelive .
but alot ,i read it gives me hope too know that light still shines .
cause in every dark heart  there's a bright and new start.
so when you write your sweetest  peoms /or how a love in the heart went wrong let it be 
known that in here you take break from in a land of writeing so beautifuly .
from love , to life , from hope , and still  we live eachday with words we realveal. 

and as i'm leaveing for tonight to go to bed i wish you all luck and sweetdreams in your head
always write good belive in your self and be kind to others as you'd be too your self.