Written by: marymkilker marymkilker

You were under the dirt so deep that you didn't even know that you were there.

After many days and nights of rain you still did not appear.

One morning the sun came and warmed you and you began to sprout.

Seven mornings later you poked your needles out.

Then came a new world of warmth and light, and a nightly darkness.

In this nightly darkness were stars of bright whites shooting across the sky of night.

For spring has come and you have sprung into the world of growth.

Once a seed and now a tree, life leaves more for the eye to see.

I know for I am the pollen in which you once knew, before you were a seed.

And the air in which we once breathed we now breath again.

For now you are the tree in which beams above all in the land, I am the flower who admires 
all those above.

You my tree are above the rest.

Above the land is a sky of blues and grey, the greens are the fields of which we stand.

For all that is below and up above are all connected with love.

A ground so deep and a sky so high nothing is for sure but I and my.

Copyright@3-2010 MaryMMcShirley/Kilker