hazel blue

Written by: trina aiken

Your hazel blue 
eyes have a story to tell
The scars on your body have a 
memoir to write
Your heart has run a 
thousand miles
but you cover them with sadness.
Your hazel blue eyes 
are full of pain

They tell a story of sadness 
when I look in to them 
it makes me want to cry
Your scars hurt when you 
remember the pain
but you act as if it never 

I hold your hand 
and lay against your chest and hear 
your heart beat 
It sings a sad song.

I want to push away 
that sadness so 
I can hear your story
I want to look into
your  hazel blue eyes 
as you tell your story and you 
start to cry

I want to touch your scars 
and take away 
the pain.

But until then 
I will listen when your hazel blue eyes tell
me your story and 
I will listen to your hearts 
until your ready.