The Adopted Beguiled

Written by: dave archuletta

Whether we are taken from under the cover of clouded sky

Your indifference is without reason

No thoughts of asking why...


Did you know that just beyond was a Milky Way stare?

Is it not continuous of being?

Save for the night, is not its beauty still yet there?

Have you ever known the nature of cause that still make us sigh?

To ask why geese pair for life?

Is to know a wonder 

There is reason as to why they don't cry

To lighten the load of two hearts

Four wings do cheat

But, only the air - when they fly

Therein lies ahead a child's most ominous gray of days

Yet, for now, still shown under the sunniest of ways

This is the portrait of our humanity 

And from our own Private Idaho to pay!