Candling the Eggs

Written by: Monty Newman

On a beautiful September morning on a little country farm
The young woman’s hand went deftly under the hen into the nest
withdrawing an egg, immediately candling it and returning it to the nest.
This egg is fertile and will hatch to give the farm another laying hen or rooster.
6 firtile eggs returned to their nests and 16 sterial eggs went to the kitchen table.

On a beautiful September morning at a little country school
The new students have just settled down on that exciting first day of school
The first grade teacher Miss Koki spent the morning with each of her new brood 
individually at thier desk and as they got to know each other a little better she looked 
into the bright shining eyes of each child for that spark of a fertile young mind
These we will keep for a while to become doctors, nurses, teachers…