From A Distance

Written by: Joshua Harris

From A Distance

I look outside at the pouring rain 
that brings back images and forgotten pain.
The scene is set the same as before
the trees have changed and now litter the floor.

It’s been 2 years and a million drinks
but nothing can change how a broken man thinks.
All of the booze and traveling around
can’t block out the faces and horrible sound.

It’s cost me my job and the love of my life
but I am not worthy of having a wife.
The things that I saw and just watched from the side
will always be with me with nowhere to hide.

There are so many things that could have been done
to stop the man killing the mother and son.
I watched from a distance in shock and despair
and now all I see is the man with a blond hair.

The damage is done and left me to grieve
but all that I want is the image to leave.
I stay in the shadows to try and get by
but all that I want is to lie down and die.