Written by: SYLVIA Coulstock

All is well Cocooned within. Just the steady beat,beat,beat And gentle familiar sounds. Comforting,warm,so safe. Unease-noise-confusion. (Pushing,pushing) Panic,unfamiliar, What is happening? (Pushing,pushing) The beat now throbbing,pounding. Faster,faster And comes-the light, the light. So this is LIFE! (Blue skies,sunshine) A child's laughter, A mother's arms And a loved one's kiss. This is life. Celebration, happiness. Families united, Friends together And the gift of sharing. This is life.- (Yet dark skies.chaos) Nature's beautiful face Twisted in rage against the earth. And man - Bloody,cruel,insensitive. So many acts of hurt And tumultuous violence. One to the other. This is life. The addict on a bed of filth. The habitual drunk staggering to oblivion. Cries from diseased bodies Tormented by pain. And a small white coffin Laid gently in the ground. This is life. Learning,growing. Stumbling-yet learning,growing. Struggling,hurting-yet learning, With each uncertain breath A heart growing. Learning-love revealed Within each and in the world. THIS IS LIFE. Tears of pain,tears of joy,tragedy,comedy. Insanity,absolutely ludicrous. Mysterious,awesome, Compelling,thrilling. Thriving,striving. And having the will to live. This is life. All too soon comes weariness. Old bones aching. Mumbling,bewilderment,forgetting. Time to let go And to return to the stillness. Mist -everything fading, (Cold,so cold) all going. No taste, no smell. No feeling, just silence And yet-the light.