All of You ....

Written by: sarah hales

We danced in the night 
A room full of others where not there
They were but within the deepest of your eyes 
I only saw you 
Your arms around my waist
Your smile that covers me 
A kiss that embraces my yearning
The want that wants 
Your hands upon my face 
As you lean towardss my lips 
Your tenderness that drives passion
A whisper you whisper
I am complete 
My pounding heart pounds
The pulse that pulses screams for you
A turning of two as souls twist into one
I am alive as our spirits dine
You that quenches my thirst
My need to feed upon your body
To feel the senses that only lovers can understand
I have searched a life time to find such pureness
A mate to share my spirit so free
A love that is deeper than most can imagine
My emotions are wild like fire through my veins
Your love is like roaring waves bathing my naked skin
I give myself to you 
My soul fell inlove with yours 
My mind craves yours
My spirit sings with yours
A love that fills my heart
It is all of you that has caputured my very being
All of you.....