A Broken Man

Written by: Joshua Harris

A Broken Man

Standing in the shadows as the rain fills my shoes
watching my breath like smoke as I warm my hands.
I watch the crowds walk by without a sideward’s glance
at the man in the dark with no umbrella. 

Life has no meaning to a man who has lost it all,
to a man who caused his own destruction.
The cheating and lying has caught me
and now is consuming me with each passing day.

The man who had it all now begs on the streets
with no feelings of worthlessness, no feelings at all.
When you live at the top, the bottom is a long way down
and when you finally reach it the impact is deadly.

The women and money filled my head with a false reality
my happiness was at home with my wife and kids.
Now my home is the streets hiding in the shadows
waiting for my final days and begging them to hurry up.