A Lady of the Night

Written by: Ronald Bingham


She was a lady of the night,

doing her drugs seemed somehow to make it right.

Just a clothed piece of meat that was for sale,

how did she ever get entangled in this living Hell?

Another needle filled with delusions and dope,

she cry's out as she injects this short lived hope.

Another John without a face,

she thinks she's gone too far, to receive redemption from our Saviors grace.

How did it start and who's to blame?

does it really matter the outcome seems to always be the same!

No stranger to the county jail,

her name written on every wall in every cell.

Above her name this is what it read,

ten million demons invade and possess my head!

Oh God, I need a fix, please let me die,

please, please help me Lord, her wanton cry!

A cell mate next door called out her name,

she said Missy Magdalene, just what's your game?

Don't you know, no one here cares what you think or do,

we are all lost souls so get a clue.

Then came a bright glow which exhumed her cell,

then a voice so soft said Mary would you like to leave this man made Hell?

There He stood in all His splendor, so pure and bright,

God's only Son, who came forth to be her guiding light!

The need for drugs, He took away,

her life He changed this very day!

Now she spends each waking hour,

showing others that are lost God's Awesome Power!