Warriors of war....

Written by: sarah hales

Men of our time warriors of war
Boys to men of another time 
The battle of within to survie
The cross that is layed as our friend lays dead
A world that is angry with all
No peace to run and hide inside
Minds of others words of trouble
Innocents burned as they take a gun to there hand
To take a life to fight for differences 
The gift of breath to be stolen so young
Mens boots on the child of youth
Its laces so binding to death
As a mother cries as she sees her son march away
Will she ever see him another day as she prays 
His country needs him thats what they say 
Day goes by and the months slip away
His maturity grows as the strongest wave
The blood on his hands as he drops to the ground
He is everyones hero which is now found
He protects his mothers land and like his father did as a man
The crown that covers country to country
The fields the sun the rain the stars all are the same
The men are the sons from the womb 
Each man starts from the child within who has no sin
They grow  as men with the witness of pain
But rememeber each soldier is just the same