Dear Love

Written by: Keabetswe Molotsi

Love, you fickle, flick'ring flame,
You emissary of insanity!
You wondrous, senseless heaven,
Oh, you sweet oblivion.
I lose myself inside your storm
And raging storm of chaos.
In swollen waves of ecstasy,
I let you carry me.
Don't question your decision,
Nor master your direction.
I follow blindly:
Take me where your reckless plan desires!

You cruel and glorious thing,
You gloat your vict'ry by my heart.
Which wept an laughed at once
When you did rear your pretty head.
And carelessly rejoiced,
For love, your poison is so sweet..

And even if I shall depart,
My mouth will not forget the taste.
I'll savor every lovely kiss,
As well as every tear.
Hold fast to ev'ry memory
Of bitter breaking loss.
And ev'ry passionate muse
That met me on new golden shores.

Love, I am all yours to keep,
But I am yours to suffer.
I lower my defenses
But, do be gentle just this once