Cattle Field

Written by: Jackie Lines

The cows look happy in the field over there, grazing away without any care.
Do they know of breeding and stock the diligence spent on this little lot!

Fields green with lush vegetation supplementing food stuffs to fill this nation.
expenses and budget ,ticking the boxes so I may claim the EU red tape losses.
Champions I breed as they fill the need validating all the creed.

Certificates I've got and I display the lot, those cows need heritage a change in the plan.

production seems good I don't wish to appear like a thug, how best to get round this little 
bare bug.

 Set up a meeting over a jug a little few words in his lug. I'm sure he will see the best 
intentions  in me. 

With this plan I am merry as I get on the ferry, I'm sure he agrees in the joining of livestock!