The Arbitrator

Written by: James Gibbons

Live as others see,                                                                                                      
just what it is we do
Uncomplicated so to speak,
Superficial surface, simple rules
unfolding actions
Genuflecting before the holy altar
Or living the life provided
But there is the backgrounder
The arbiter, arbitrator of who we are
Giving opinions, comments
On every lasting moment
Final liable depending on circumstances
That we don’t necessarily agree to see
Directs us to those actions
might puzzle even the watchers
But the final ruler, master slave
Who lives deep down, lives so far down
No one knows from country which
Only guess at his (hers) presence
Involved in more, much more 
Then you would ever guess
As smoke reveals fire, open doors see                                                                          The presence shapes the current
And talks to the tillerman                                                                                                 A stronger voice when seas in turmoil
Surprisingly directed                                                                                                  Seemingly unthoughtful  actions
To those who stand and stare
Surprising mostly to ourselves
Unfamiliar with the master slave
Who lives so far below.