Head Over Heals

Written by: Felipe Vasquez

I’ve fallen for such a unique girl
One that has told me not once but twice
That it will never work out
And that I need to follow her advice
How I need to find someone more appealing
More to my standards
How she needs to be more spontaneous
Not that it really matters…
But I choose my own girls
And you’ve captured my heart
I won’t take no for an answer
I told you from the very start…
That I want you in my life
To call you my special queen
It’s either you love me, or hate me
There is but no in between
No “I don’t know”!
And “friends don’t quite cope”!
But I am ready to give it a chance
Ready have faith, hope
For the best so we make it
That we can be together
To tell everyone how I love her
And tell them how I met her
How it was love at first sight
Something we both shared
Bragging to all my friends
That for hours we’ll just sit and stare….
At the stars on the roof top
How we dance till our feet’s hurt
How we act so silly at times
Like teenagers we still flirt.
Saying the most precious remarks
 A day filled with “I Love You”
That we have always loved each other
And how our feelings are true!
Please I’ve fallen head over heels for you
Something I didn’t see coming
Please face me and tell me the truth
Don’t keep running…
From your feelings deep inside
You heart, your soul
Listen very closely to your heart beat
Know that in there I can play a role!