Power of One

Written by: Richard J. Long

Power of One!
One summer with a dear Auntie,
the ability to read she did grant me.
Her patience and a gal named Jane
pointed me in the right direction 
Like a weather vane.
Paulette is the name of the special one
who opened my eyes up to the fun.
She helped me read “See Dick and Jane Run.”
It was a cloud bank departing from the sun.
She unveiled fantastic worlds of unending fun.
The first one undone was about a Cat in a Hat.
Then a boy on the run to adventure with his friend Jim.
Eventually, a ship came to where the treasure had been.
“One for all and all for one”, said the Musketeers.
The Call of the Wild did shed a few tears.
Next, a thrill King enticed my fears.
I cheer for a detective named Cross,
for he is the ultimate crime solving boss.
If it were not for Paulette, these and future worlds of discovery would be lost.
Thank You, Auntie Paul!

By: Richard J. Long, 2010