Look Darling

Written by: Judith Palmer

"Look Darling!"
An advert in The Mail
Only one pound
It looks pretty sound
They will feed a child for us
in Africa,
How wonderful and what a plus ! 

Forget about Cameron's talks of plenty
We may not live 'til 2020
I vote we give our money away
One pound won't dent
Four million homeless kids that are bent.

They have never known better
So why should they get it
They will squander it so
It's an awful blow
To me as a taxpayer
I really want to be a sayer.

Ignore them, they are dead
What I cannot see I won't feel
My parents always provided for me
It's the lot of them can't do it I say
And history will prove it any day

Let's go Darling and hit the sack
We don't need to cut them any slack
I know it's right that we share our wealth
But just a little to the needy, 
There's no one else !