Written by: Autumn Page

I'll fall for you like the rain
BreaKing through the pain
Standing on the edge of 
something, is it love
A quEstion, waiting for a reply 
I want that look in your eye
Telling me to stay and not Let go
Sharing words for just us to know
I look at that picture frame
I'm not telling him your name 
Holding my breath 
Holding on to what is left 
I love the way you speak 
of your father, of me
I remember that night 
I realized you were mine
I realized I loved you 
And oh you knew
I should have known 
This would grow old 
My loVe, my friend
This is not going to end
I'll make sure of it 
I lie here and wonder when it will finally hIt 
Something tells me you'll come back
Was it me? The things I lacked 
I promise, I will wait 
Until the day
You come back to me agaiN.