Your Place Beyond

Written by: marymkilker marymkilker

The path between the trees had faded beneath the seasonal snow.
Yet, the presence of your foot prints are clearly in my mind.
As I walked through the snow with the memory of you.
The silence of the dusk began to set in.
For I stopped and leaned on the tree, in which you had admired many times before.
I listened to the silence of the falling snow as it glistened in the moonlight.
For the darkness brought peace and glory for the acknowledgement admired in the snow.
And the moon beaming brightly through the trees would lead me through the woods to the 
field in which we would lie in through the cool spring breeze.
To remenber our laughter places a smile upon my face.
And to know that you are here with me, in this bright field of snow.
And our children in which you left behind, will walk this path of our past with me.
The questions asked are filled with interest and wander, while answers are filled with loving
For our children will grow with you in their hearts and souls.
And as you watch us from your place beyond, would you be happy for the things we have 

Copyright@march 2010 MaryMMcShirley/kilker