A Million To One

Written by: Karla Null

Our relationship started a long time ago
Two little girls in a fifth grade class
I have to admit at first she was my foe
This quiet little, long-haired, lass

That first year, she had a pal
The two of them never looked my way
She was such a snotty little gal
Never wanted to give me the time of day

The next school year, she moved out of town
I decided to put the past behind
There was a seat next to her so I sat down
I never had a clue, what a friend I'd find

There were homework sessions, walks in the park,
childish fights, until we learned how to agree
Sleepovers where we stayed up way after dark
Where ever there was her, was also me

We double-dated in our teenage years
Dances, concerts, and every new game
Heartbreaks, drama, and buckets of tears
Discussing marriage, then changing our name

Raising our children side by side
Sharing joy, happiness, sadness, and strife
Being able to say "I'm sorry", the heck with pride
Never once regretting having her in my life

Knowing someone so well, you can always depend
When the road gets rocky, she will be there
My "one in a million", my very best friend
Forty-six years of friendship we share

For Linda-Marie's  One in a Million contest