Loving You

Written by: Richard Pickett

Velvety smooth I caress your face,
Lost is time of this moment and place
your scent, very mellow at first
your love of your man quenches his thirst

hands intermingle for a moment or two
and then exploration, first me and then you
your lips sweet as buttercups, softly on mine
your loving embrace it's feeling divine

Your passion, driven with desire
I can feel your heat like a volcanic fire
My heart pounding nearly out of my chest
the wanting that I feel, your incessant caress 

together we link like a fine golden chain
clasped one together,without any refrain
In that final moment, the heightening peak
so out of breath that neither can speak

suddenly sullen, we collapse with a smile
this love that we share, which none can defile
it's easy for me to love you this way
soul mates that we are and will always stay.

For Mary.....I love you.....