But When The World?

Written by: SYLVIA Coulstock

He told her not to move,
Though fear showed in her eyes
She dare not disobey.
So the lonely figure 
Stood and waited,
While tears fell

Time stretched,
Her pitiful cries 
Grew louder,
 Until they carried     
To merciful ears,
And melting hearts.

And so they came,
Rescuers, ready
To lift her away
From the madness
Of men....

They saw
A life barely lived,
Trembling in confusion.
Her two little cheeks
Stained with tears.
Yet still, she would not move.

Soothing voices whispered,
She listened.
Loving hearts showed, 
She trusted.
Strong arms reached out, 
She yielded. 
Her fears calmed.
Her tears stopped.
And then her heart stopped.

She was only two.
Her life blown apart
And that of her deliverers.
Not a child, 
Just a means 
To an end,
To the hands of evil
That detonated death.
Now she is at peace.
But, when the world?

         I read in our daily paper about how little children are used as decoys.
         When rescuers come to save them from possible dangers they may
         be facing because of the war They are unaware,the enemy are watching
         waiting to detonate a bomb where the child is standing.
        This upset me so much,I was moved to write about it..