AIDS and aids

Written by: oluwaseun bakare

How many it has sent to Hades
Despite the many aids
Lavished over the ages

Your gender does not exonerate you
Neither does the gene in you
Nor age emancipate you

Who really is to blame?
For AIDS unscrupulous fame
Rendering all efforts lame

We now live in a State of Emergency
Wholly engaged is every agency
Watch what a state of delinquency!

Oh! How bitterly I weep
When I perceived how very deep
The unchecked scourge of its whip

How many died yesterday?
How many will today?
Yet, tomorrow is another day

Maybe or maybe not we live
Hope is what makes us believe
We shall stumble on a lasting relief

You and I have a role to play
For this malady to give way
Give aids with LOVE every day.