Is it your fear of attachment

Written by: Dean Masciarelli

Is it your fear of attachment

Written By Dean Masciarelli

November 5, 2010 (8:01am)

Is it your fear of attachment 

That has prevented you from having 
fulfilling and rewarding relationship

Because you are truly
afraid of getting hurt

Believe me if it is I know 
what you are talking about

Because at one point or another 
we have all experienced
the aftermath of dealing with 
the emptiness that we  have felt

Especially after we have 
to deal with a broken heart

Because it seems to take 
a life time to get over it

And that’s why it has been so difficult 
anyone that has gone through the hurt

But it is just not healthy and you 
have to let go of the resentment

So that you can get over your fear of attachment 
and finally have a fulfilling and 
longer lasting relationship that is solid and concrete