Written by: Shahana Jackson

What am I gonna do about you?
I've finally gotten to experience your lips on mines, the outcome was uncontrollable
you have left me completely vulnerable to your attacks

I felt so high from the pleasure of it all that I'm am rendered unconsolable
We both knew this point would come even though we tried 
to push and shoove these emotions out the picture for so long
Now I don't know about you but I'm already far gone

No dellusions in sight though, because I know that when it comes to you I'm limited. 
I know that I can never completely have you so I end that thought 
and put a period to finalize it and finish the sentence. 
I can't lie and say that this is all I've ever envisioned for you and me.

But all of that can never be so I grab an eraser and wipe 
away those thoughts tha best I can before they can get a hold me. 
You might be the only person to never make a fool of me.

The trust that I have in you, I've never had in anything. 
Falling I might be... than again I don't know how that feels. 
But when you talked to me my heart skips like a scratched CD.
But I don't change the record I keep that beat on repeat.

I wake up with a smile just like one I had on when I went to sleep.
And its because of you, I have no idea what will become of me.