Thanksagiving day

Written by: susan viscione

What do you do on thanksgiving day,
well, we eat to much,
and then we pray,
watch football games on tv,
a second wind,
maybe break out the xmas tree,
surrounded by family and friends,
talking bout lives and trends,
back to the table for mor to eat,
this time it's diffrent,
time for some sweets,
pies of apple and cherry,
laughing and feeling merry,
holiday season has now come upon us,
rushing and shopping,
making a fuss,
so much to do, after this day,
will we finish it all,
some say, NO WAY,
helping and cleaning, as the day moves along,
feeling the spirit,
singing a song,
now, thanksgiving day is calming down,
get together, gather round,
give everyone hugs and kisses,
tell all how much you've missed them,
now it's time, to fall into sleep,
with cherished memories always to keep.