Hoppily Ever After

Written by: susan viscione

Once upon a time,
there was a frog and a rabbit,
happily hopping down the road a bit,
"what an unusual pair',Mr. lizard hissed,
"a toad and a hare"?,
" I don't think a pair like that can work"
the squirrel said,
as he herked and jerked,
"they say they came together by fate",
Mr. horse said,
while strutting his gate,
"of that frog and that rabbit,
I am quite fond",
Mr. fish bubbled, while swimming his pond,
"I'm sure they know what they are doing",
Mr. cow said, mooing and chewing,
"They say that their love is grand",
the parrott sang,
"let's give em a hand",
as it ends up, they lived happily ever after,
with a lifetime full of harmoney and laughter,
so if you believe this tale to be true,
it certainly proves,
that sometimes the oddest pair can amaze you.