Just Visiting

Written by: victor dixon

I was watchin’ 
like a seagull –
starin’ at
all the people.

my own head –
about them.

The eyes 
that stared back
saw me still 
as a photograph.

I saw the money
come and go –
watched the trash bin

Soon it was scattered
across the floor –
a trail leading 
out the door.

Wrote my name 
and scribbled it out,
like you do with words
that come from your mouth.

Cuz it’s okay to 
change your mind –
the trick’s to do it
before you’re out of time.

I watched the man 
no one engaged
clean their messes
for minimum wage.

I was sympathetic –
then I was humbled
as my ears heard
the tune he whistled.

I smiled at him
in admiration –
invited him in
to my imagination

where he’d exist
as inspiration
for a vagabond like me.

I fell asleep
in a cab –
now I’m not sure
where I’m at.

But there’s a debt
that I owe
that follows me
each place I go.

And a smile’s
not enough to fix it,
which is why my homes
are no more than a visit.