The Final Reminder

Written by: victor dixon

“Walk away and never look back.
Lend me your voice when it’s ready to laugh.
But don’t say that you love me
or hide because you’re ugly			            cuz you’ll drive anyone away.

I love you and always will;
when I turn you away, I’ll love you still.
But your graffiti a’int art
and you’ve covered my heart			                       so I love you, but go.

And don’t jump from that bridge;
it’s talk like that that’s brought us to this.
Let someone help you –
do what I couldn’t do				               and I’ll love you from here.

And no one will ever replace you;
the best I can hope for is to make do.
But you were never really here,
so now you’re free, you’re clear		                 don’t make me throw rocks at you."