Burning Fire.....

Written by: sarah hales

Fire of fire I am alive
His touch shivers my senses
A lover of mine like fine wine
A burning of love 
Uncontrolled moments of time 
I watch as he sleeps 
His heart how it beats
I find myself lost within his glance
I desire with admire
For he is the burning fire

A excitement as he touches my skin
A pounding through my veins as his lips touch
Enticement as he lures me into temptation
A sensation I can not hide
His need is high as his want is taken 
His hands wrapped around my wrists
Imprisioned within his lust 
A want inside to be his prisioner
Each gasp as I pull him in deep
A depth of passion through sighs

My breasts held in his hands
My body covered in a glow 
Of the sweetest honey found
Taste of my soul is upon his lips
A craving to hear my screams 
Drawing power of two minds
Provoking sensuous finds
Burning delights as my flesh is begging
Messages from my eyes as they speak
Come and burn with me