Natality Here


Here where the Baby was pushed and was out
Then the divine ones declared him devout
Before the nascent wrappings been removed
And He mildly to the expeecting mother moved
Where the earthly fabric  wound , mother made
In time and sweat in riches paid.

In Babe's affection in weepings said
Contrasting the mirth the visitors pled;
In the cold the host choir sang
And in warmth their melody rang;
Afar the ones in homage intent trekked
Irate chill, body and carriage wrecked.

Vicinage of mothers in rhythm danced
Clasping favours in gifts, their legs pranced;
The petals peeling to repel the scent;
Aviary awake that a star was sent
An the milky way felicitatting the event 
Tears and laughter in both blent.

Requisite to say , the black descent 
The Babe born where mirth spent.