Fair Maiden

Written by: marymkilker marymkilker

There is a pretty lady, who lives up north you see.
One of the fairest maidens from the Columbia to the 
         shining sea.
She always looks her best, even through a storm
i think it is in her stature, to have superior form.

She is always going out, and she knows dusk and dawn.
Always is this fair maiden, from the St.Helens fog.

All packed up and ready for her maiden voyage.

There have always been men where this maiden would go.
For fishermen were always her closest friends, from the deepest
          waters, to the muddy shores.

They would come from all around to see a maiden so fine.
From storms to shining seas, you would see her go by.

The Columbia River was Captain Mac's favorite place to fish.
Family and friends would come from miles around, to go with 
          Captain Mac on his fishing trips.

In between the fishing trips the fair maiden would wait for Mac's return.

For this fair maidens mane is the Myrna Mae, a forty-two foot cruiser 
         always makes waves.

Mac built her from the hull on up, a fine vessel was she.
Never was a man so ment for a maiden such as she.

Mac was the proudest Captain, the proudest there could ever be.

Years have gone by and Mac and his vessel are gone, but the stories of
          the fishing trips still live on.

For the real Myrna Mae is my mom.
She has outlasted it all and now stands alone.
For now she has an angel, with a fishing rod in hand.
Mac lives on in our home land.

Copyright@march 2010 Mary M.McShirley/Kilker