Judas Iscariot

Written by: Anthony Nutter

A.W. Nutter

Morning grass laden with diamonds
Reflecting light as the sun ascends
Sleep riddled muscles slow to respond
Fear shoved aside as hunger transcends

Past sins continue to haunt the present
Forever trapped in an earth bound hell
The plague of suffering is heaven sent
My soul imprisoned in a living shell

Born to a sadist, another reprobate
Life a facsimile of countless others
Reincarnation, my preordained fate
Symbolic murders in my thirtieth year

Breeze caressing, naked legs and chest
Involuntarily shivering from the cold
God's retribution, collecting his debt
As this day of torture begins to unfold

My master approaches giving me a kiss
Before he begins carving away the skin
Eons of screams, echoing in the abyss
No salvation offered, no remission of sin