Human Attributes

Written by: Camille Rose Castillo

Take a look deep within
What is it that you see
What makes us so different 
From all other species?

Is it perhaps a selfish gene
Our nature of pure greed
A rational, aesthetic breed
Of many different creeds

Is it ability to articulate
To create sweeping tales
A quest for life's meaning
Fear that one day we'll fail?

Does it lie in our capacity
To cause harm to one another
For mere pleasure or for sport
Disregard for those we smother?

Is it lack of integrity
Our constant evil deeds
Towards each other, and 
All other sentient beings?

Could it be creative impulse
Ability to vividly paint 
The damage and destruction
We undeniably often create?

For by virtue of design
Aptitude to mend or heal
A poet's words can often
Teach us to reach and feel. 

~Camille Rose Castillo 2010