Written by: Chad Wood

She spent
her evening with a
friend named Jack.  Jack
stood out like a volunteer, making
no apology for himself (though he forward
marched through her life like a
soldier's foot-stomp parade,
minus pomp minus

Jack always
took his possessions at
first ever impulse, that is
to say he was the type of
man who could "carpe diem" with the
best of them.  She agreed.  "Play
the horn play the drum", she
thought, while given
to him.

Jack always
left his possessions at
second glance.  He was the
nothing-to-show-for-it type of man.
She did not want him to return. She did
want him to return.  He did not
want to come home.  He
did want to come

She spent
her evening without
a friend named Jack, who
steals the thunder.  Jack sat on the
shelf like streamlined vodka.  Apologetically,
he backward marched a Saint Louis
funeral-in-reverse.  She
then nursed a wound
to remember
him by.

(Author:  Chad Wood -  This poem was entered in the contest "Create Your Own Form, Maybe
 ?" sponsored by Constance ~ A Rambling Poet! ~ Form:  Call this the "In and Out" form.  The
 stanzas have ten lines each, which expand and retract, with subject matter about 'something 
in life that comes and goes', can be as many or as few stanzas long as wished)